Civil Disputes

At Mal Ryan & Glen we can represent and assist you with your civil dispute. Regardless of the type of dispute, whether it's personal injury, noisy neighbours or deceased estate disputes, we can ensure your interests are best protected.

Whether you are the plaintiff bringing the matter or the defendant, we will work diligently and efficiently to ensure you obtain the best outcome possible.  

Our Services 
  • Letters of Demand

  • Advice

  • Briefing Counsel

  • Court appearances at Mansfield Magistrates Court and at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)


What is a civil dispute?

This is a civil matter that is brought by you against another party such as, an individual, a trust or estate, an organisation, or government authority.  Civil law provides individuals with the right to sue for compensation and/or specific remedies in matters such as negligence, breach of contract and defamation. 

What kind of disputes are dealt with under civil law?

- Landlords & tenants 

- Neighbours

- Customers & suppliers

- Business partners

- Employees & employers

- Buyers & sellers of property

- Executors or beneficiaries in deceased estates

- Creditors & debtors 

- Home owners & builders  

It is important that you obtain legal advice quickly as there are time limitations regarding how long you have to take a matter to court.   

When can I sue someone?


You may be able to commence a law suit against someone if you feel you have been wronged and it is not a criminal matter that requires the involvement of the police.  However, it is best to try and resolve a dispute out of court first.  This will save you both time and money.  We can provide you with advice regarding the different methods of alternative dispute resolution which may resolve the matter.  If these methods fail, then we can assist you will taking your matter to court by drafting and filing the required court documents and briefing a barrister to appear for you.