Our  History

We are proud to be Mansfield’s oldest law firm. Founded nearly 100 years ago, Mal Ryan & Glen has seen Mansfield flourish and has forged strong community links which are the foundation of our business.

In 1921, a young solicitor named Malachy Ryan saw an opportunity to settle down in a bustling town and purchased the law practice conducted at the time by a retiring Michael Francis Bourke, the offices of which are now Mansfield High Country Apparel.  Mal, whose skills and dedication soon became renowned throughout the High Country, was without peer in the region and continued as a sole practitioner for nearly twenty years. In 1939, when he saw another opportunity to expand he bought out the practice of the retiring Eric Tulloh.

It was not until the late 1940’s that Melbourne law firm Lander & Rogers – in attempt to expand out into emerging regional markets – opened branch offices in Alexandra and Mansfield. They chose William Henderson Glen (‘Bill’) – the best young lawyer they had – to go up to the High Country and to go into direct competition with Malachy Ryan’s bustling practice. They had no doubt that Bill would make a name for himself in the town and be very successful. They were right. Unfortunately for the Melbourne firm, a chance encounter of Bill and Malachy brought about the idea of a merger of their two practices. The rest, as they say, is history. Mal Ryan & Glen was born.

Mal tragically passed away in 1959, resulting in his son Rodney – who had only just finished his legal training – returning to Mansfield from Melbourne to continue the running of the firm. Embodying his father’s passion for the law, Rodney propelled the firm forward and alongside Bill, oversaw an era of prosperity. Rodney stayed on at the practice and retired in 2016 having moved into a consultant role in the 1990s.  David Parsons, a bright young Mansfield boy had completed his articled clerkship at the firm in the 1980s and after going into partnership with Rodney, became the principal solicitor during the 2000s.

In 2013 Katie Lockey purchased the practice from David Parsons, Katie having worked at Mal Ryan & Glen for David in the 2000s.  The firm is focused on serving the Mansfield and High Country community in the areas of Wills, Probate, Conveyancing, and the Sale and Purchase of Business. The early history of the firm exemplifies the Mal Ryan & Glen ethos of working hard for the community. Today we continue to strive to uphold the community values instilled in the firm since its inception.

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